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One of the great things about the Gen III small-block is how easy it is to swap cams.

Dyno Bob removed the rocker shaft and pushrods, pulled the accessory drive and balancer off, and then yanked the timing cover and cam gear.

After several power pulls, it was obvious that we had traded low-speed torque for horsepower since the big cam created quite a torque dip between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm where the motor lost as much as 50 lb-ft at 2,400 rpm. The power almost overlapped the original stock engine’s level between 3,000 and 4,200-then the big cam began to make some serious noise.

Cam It Up Some may suggest at this point that we add a performance-style intake.Since LPE has such a distinguished performance record with these Gen III engines, we asked them if they’d be interested in aerobicizing a 5.3L.Cress immediately suggested that we step it up and do the all-aluminum 5.3L that’s in the current Chevy SSR truck.According to the guys at LPE, their testing has shown that despite the truck manifold’s pedestrian image, it’s a great manifold, so we instead decided to bolt in a camshaft.The first cam is what LPE calls its GT2-3 cam, which is mild enough to generate a stock idle (20.7 inches of vacuum at 800 rpm) yet pumps the lift and duration up substantially (see the Cam Specs chart) by adding 0.115 inch of lift on the intake side alone!

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Since all Gen III engines come with hydraulic roller cams, we even reused the stock hydraulic roller tappets, making a cam swap even more affordable.