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I am reporting them to the feds though I do, but I don't answer for , , or - It's always either telemarketers, or worse, bill collectors- If I had any damn money, my bills would be paid I didn't ask for the economy to go to crap- They act like people have the money, and just refuse to pay- Apparently, it never occurs to these idiots that feeding our children and keeping them warm is our first priority, and they can continue to wait Burning my phone line up isn't going to make my pockets any fatter, I received a message on my machine today from , identifying themselves as CRA and asking for contact information for a person who has never resided here- The caller identified herself as 'Lenese'(sp-) and said that I needed to get in touch with this individual and have them call , TODAY, due to the urgency of the matter- The message seemed a little harrassing and they even went so far as to leave a file# for the person that they were trying to reach- As stated earlier, I have no knowledge of this individual who does not reside here- I am not a lawyer, but doesn't this extensive information left on my machine violate some sort of confidentiality?this number has called me three times in the past thirty minutes- No one is on the other line- dead silence- the last call i yelled i have reception stop calling and the line was terminated within seconds- who the hell is this-?8179992 mobile phone number series is operated by AT& T. To trace a mobile phone number from 8179992 series, search mobile phone number above.Same response as the others It seems these people have taken over this Tagged website It used to be an ok site but now you get inundated with these big booty big tits young girls and their pictures Don't waste your time responding Received call on my cell again asking for Carla- I have told them repeatedly that this is not Carla- Since the end of January I have received over calls (from different numbers) all asking for Carla- In addition I have received several text messages and responded "stop" as instructed- They still send themwhen this mumber calls save it to your phone contact list- then create a ring tone of dead silence- allocate that ringtone for that contact and when they call again you wont even hear it- i named that contact as DONT ANSWER in my contact list- this way it doesnt bother me Caller ID said Power Bill, It's just ANOTHER ELECTRIC SUPPLIER HAWKER Don't Pick up but report them to the DO NOT CALL WEBSITE, These Electric Supplier Telemarketers are COMPLETELY ignoring the DO NOT CALL LIST, They should be fined to the max for EVERY spammed call This company is out of New Jersey and I am in Pennsylvania I get junk mail fax from , for medical services all the time (with no number onthe fax, just in my HP Fax printout of numbers who called)- This is from Cananda and I am on the US do not call list for junk calls- It is a shame a reputable country like Canada does not prohibit the use of telemarketer Junk faxes to numbers that are on the US Do Not Call list for telemarketers- Canada does not respect the personal protections laws of the US- Shame on Canada I got the same text- They said hi then my name (what the hell) I asked who it was, they said my phones dying add my to Y mess I textflirter, I got a cell phone for a reason people and how did they know my name You need to block all calls starting with - because these jackasses call from about a hundred numbers all starting with that- Prior to just making that my setting I've had calls from at least half a dozen numbers ranging from , - These are calls coming from a foreign country, that's why it takes so long for them to answer- I have waited twice for someone to answer , each time a person with a foreign accent ask me if I want a free grant- I know there are many people from foreign countries running grant scams here in the states, and now they are doing it by phone from their countries-Someone trying to run a scam got upset with me because I wouldn't give them copies of pieces of ID in color- I might be old, but I not unaware of the scams that's being played on the American-born people- In Billion Dollars was mailed to the native countries by immigrants who don't like America or Americans , those immigrants don't hestitate to tell you they are only here to learn how to be the American system I only wish this government would wake up to vast fraud and deport these people back to their counties Got a call asking if I filled out a job survey- Start asking for citizen status, if I took out a student loan- When I interrupted the questioning to ask more clarification of who was calling they hung up- It appears they are collecting personal information to complete profiles be aware This number blew up my phone-when I say blew up I mean they called probably times in minutes- When I finally answered and talked to the guy he told me he was with the US Treasury and that since I think it is a scam he will send the police right over to arrest me and then hung up on me We keep getting a call at our office from this # asking for information on one of our patient's records- They gave us the patient's account # in our system (don't know how they have it)- Luckily, due to HIPAA, we could not release any information to him as he could not verify all of the patient's information- We get a call from "Mike" with this # as the caller ID on a weekly basis- He always hangs up when our agents put him on hold to find a mangercalled me back from this number after I had phoned , in regards to auto parts from direction-com- Refused to give any basic info about the business (Just trying to see if legit) couldn't even find reviews on line- Is it any wonder this person wants a very secure phone number?Needless to say stuck with my gut, didn't order the part They called asked for my mother-in-law- I told them that, that person lived in another state- I told him to take my phone number off of their phone list- He said he would and then proceeded to ask if she was a relative of mine- I told him it was none of his business- He then proceeded to lie and say she had this down as her home address- I called him out and told him she does not and that he was a liar- He says, 'I just asked if she was a relative,' and I reminded him that I just got through telling him it was none of his business- He bids me good day and hangs up- More in likely a collection agency, who shouldn't be calling other people for someone else's billsits not a scam,their # comes up did everytime an inmate calls out- my brother is locked up and i just got two calls from there,with different numbers within seconds- you may have the "Allen County Jail" on block, but the phones the inmates use cannot be blocked bc the system uses different numbers- someone locked up is trying to contact you :) lol THEY CALL ME EVERY MONTH TO TIMES WITH THE SAME NON SENSE I HAVE REPORTED THEM SEVERAL TIMES SEEMS AS THOUGH NO ONE CAN CATCH THEMI HOPE SOMEONE IS LISTENING TO US FOR A CHANGE IN OUR LIVES , WHY AND HOW ARE THEY GETTING THIS INFORMATION ON USI have gotten six phone calls on my cell phone in under hours- They never leave a voicemail and when I try to call back, an automated message said that the number was either disconnected or no longer in service- They obviously have no sense of decency, since they chose to call last night after PM-We are Anonymous- We are Legion- We do not forgive- We do not forget- Expect us I get a call from this phone number which came from a mobile phone number- This person had a weird voice-IF you get a call from this phone number call the police department immediately and report it as a harrassing call Just got a call from this company- A guy named Mike called asking me about Microtron Technologies- It sounded like a phishing scam- Sounds like others experienced the same type of call: Acted like I knew him and owed him for a stock performing, Acted like I was a savy investor, wanted me to invest ,-Now, maybe this is a real-deal firm, but it seems fishy to call me out of the blue to ask me about stocks, since I haven't ever invested before- Also, I'm in no position to do so- He continued to pursue and tried to make a point that he HAD to make some money off of me- I tried three times to politely let him go, but to no avail- I eventually was late to a business meeting, so no chance I'm doing business with this company, even if it is legit The people at the other end of this number will continue to call until someone picks up the phone- Then they will tell you that they will sell you information on how to get government grants- They don't listen when you tell them to remove your number- They called me times today before I answered the first call was at : the last call was at :pm- You do the math, thats two calls an hourthis caller called me once on, february , at : pm- then they called februray , at : pm, : pm, and : pm- they called on februray , at : AM, and at : Pm- I only answered on time, that was on the th, at :, the conversation lasted seconds, because i answered and they hung up I get a call from this several times a day and it has been for several weeks- They claim I have an issue with my credit- However, experian says that there are no outstanding debts- I find this quite annoying- So I finally tried to call them back to clear the matter and the number is busy- This is very frustrating and I feel like they are harassing me The person would not provide a business name or a website URL- They explained that they would like to purchase my resort membership- They will offer me more money than I paid but need money up front- Complete scam Sells items on Craigslist such as boats Harley-Davidson parts or whole units-Also interested in FOID items and has something to do with Omish post frame buildings- Uses internet phone and works the Hampshire Genoa Kingston area as well as Belvidere Same thing , called yesterday (foreign accents) waiting for them to offer me to purchase Viagra or something Said I had a pending lawsuit, then they mentioned my son's name who is away, neither of us with any IRS issues- Number came in as "Unavailable" yesterday and today it came in under the name " Kenneth Wheeler"I have received several calls from this number with the promise of a free gas gift card- Toward the end of the first call, they asked for my birthday- On the second call, I let the woman (with a foreign accent) talk for about three minutes to which I never responded- She finally hung up- This is getting very annoying I've gotten it too- I'm from Phoenix- They call once a day- I got my phone reconnected sat- and i got a voice mail but it was silent the whole time- then i got another call today from them- I didnt' wanna pick it up and didn't wanna call it back- I'm glad im' not the only one, glad i googled it first- haha (oh and i use Cricket phone service)This number calls and hangs up leaving a missed call on your phone trying to get you to call back- A machine that claims to be "Julie with Reward Redemption" answers and says they called because you visited one of their affiliate websites and they have a reward for you- Amazing that they know who I am considering I called from a different number This call came in as an "urgent" message- They didn't state the name of the company, only that I should call back a B- Murray- If this is a legit company, why not leave your business name and real full name- Who are you and why cover your caller I-D-?

s telephone numbers-"F Antone Accuardi can be reached directly here:email email Cell: , Pacific Telecom Communications Group Venice Blvd- Suite Los Angeles, CAThe operator name is hedi and the company is Browns Fantasies or something Phone Sex Operator calls and ask if your interested in subscribing to a plan the first mins are free for a month is the plan is purchased for a low monthly pricewww-consumerjustice-com consumer agencydetail-aspx?

The man said NO and that it was really an office for Councilwoman Janice Hahn- I thought this was VERY ODD since I WORK for Janice Hahn So I got the guy's name and we have NO info or office for Janice Hahn at this number I kept calling back and constant busy signal- It is very odd indeed and creepy, the male voice knew my name on the voice mail message from "UPS" I had a delivery problem WITH UPS during Christmas and now someone is calling from this number asking for me; and then I call back and get a person telling me it is MY EMPLOYER's OFFICE?

I played with the number- and called , and UPS Harbor Center DID answer, very bizarre I made an updated thread about the same company from this number calling from a new number- , He is now form the United Nations- Be on yours toes as they are trying the same tactics but with more serious allegations The first person that called me did not give me much detail neither he said "he is not sure what this is about only that he has an envelope to deliver" said I should call , to find out details- I called them and they told me they are coming after me for a lease I broke with an apartment complex Received a call from this number - The caller ID showed it as coming from "Card Services"- There are so many calls coming in lately from credit card scammers and no doubt this is another- I've had an unlisted landline number for years and and on the DNC list, but the DNC list is specifically the list the unscrupulous operations use to call you- I never answer any calls where I don't know the person or do business with the name that appears on caller IDIf they are calling your cell phone, I know with Verizon you can block their number- The problem is that you can only enter up to phone numbers at one time AND these scammers change their phone number every few days or everyday- But you can rotate the listing - that's what I do, I hope this helps you I did some reverse searching- This number belongs to Hbc Connections, apparently trying to sell long distance phone service-They call at least twice a week, and every single time they call, there is no one on the other side of the line- It's blank This number from Hackensack, N- J- calls me at least - times a day- When you try to return the call you get a screeching (eardrum breaking decibel level) signal telling you that number is not in service- So I guess it is a call out only number- In other words if you don't answer when they call you, you can't return the call and you will get your eardrums worked over if you try- A real THUG like way to run a business, don't you think?

Many federal benefits are exempt from garnishment, including: Social Security Benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits Veterans?

Benefits Civil Service and Federal Retirement and Disability Benefits Service Members? Benefits Student Assistance Railroad Retirement Benefits Merchant Seamen Wages Longshoremen? Death and Disability Benefits Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Benefits Compensation for Injury, Death, or Detention of Employees of U-S- Contractors Outside the U-S- Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Disaster Assistance But federal benefits may be garnished under certain circumstances, including to pay delinquent taxes, alimony, child support, or student loans- Do I have any recourse if I think a debt collector has violated the law?

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No- A debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before in the morning or after at night, unless you agree to it- And collectors may not contact you at work if they? re not allowed to get calls there-How can I stop a debt collector from contacting me? t repay it immediately, or think that the collector is contacting you by mistake- If you decide after contacting the debt collector that you don? s how to do that: Make a copy of your letter- Send the original by certified mail, and pay for a ? If an attorney is representing you about the debt, the debt collector must contact the attorney, rather than you- If you don?

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