Gay dating los angeles ca

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Akbar – this is Silver Lake’s popular and trendy bar, but don’t worry – it’s not pretentious or snobby.The crowd is more alternative than We Ho and it’s where all the hipsters go out.Go for lunch and enjoy cuisine ranging from Mexican and Asian to Cuban and American.

Located in Westwood just next to Beverly Hills is the W Los Angeles West Beverly Hills.

Next to West Hollywood, it’s probably the 2nd most popular gay neighborhood in LA.

The W Los Angeles – let’s talk about fabulous hotels.

But every city has its pros and cons so let’s look up to LA and talk about some fun and exciting things to do, see and explore – because hey, you’re going to come here anyways, right?

West Hollywood – this is where it’s at – unless you’re really, really into the alternative seen. The Pick Up is We Ho’s Free Nighttime Ride with bus service every 15 minutes.

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Yes, it’s located in We Ho but this is where you’ll find hunky cowboys line dancing or Coyote Ugly-style routines on top of the bar. GYM Bar – another totally different type of We Ho bar, unlike the Abby and Flaming Saddles in every sense.