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The student2student mobile literacy program is a “buddies” program which pairs 8-12 year olds with a peer and they read the same book while on the telephone.

The peer is usually in high school and has training to improve literacy skills in peers. Optus provides a mobile phone to any student without a phone.

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Parents blamed making dinner and doing housework (19 per cent), work (12 per cent) and tiredness (12 per cent) for skipping the nightly read with their child.Nine out of 10 parents encouraged their children to read.One in 10 said they bribed their children to read with lollies and money but the most common incentive was giving children books as gifts (64 per cent).That's right, no guys on display in this version of Chatroulette, made specifically for users who just want to connect with real girls.To make it easier for you to meet women on our site we created a page with useful tips to help you get girls on

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