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Suchin pak dating

She also mentioned how epicanthoplasty is the top form of plastic surgery being done in Asia.In 2008, Pak had left MTV News for Planet Green to host G Word, which is co-hosted by Daniel Sieberg.Su Chin Pak began her television career in high school when she was recruited to host a teen-based television show for an ABC affiliate station, and eventually moved on to jobs at Oxygen and MTV.She is currently the on-air correspondent for Daily, an email newsletter based out of New York.As a correspondent for "MTV Daily News", she has interviewed Mariah Carey, *NSYNC, P. Pak hosted her own MTV documentary about multicultural young people called My Life (Translated).She narrated later seasons of MTV Cribs and is the current narrator of True Life.She was also a member of the school's forensics team, in which she did expository speaking.

The program director for another station happened to see the piece and approached her to host the teen-based magazine show First Cut on KRON, the then-NBC (now My Network TV) affiliate in San Francisco. Previously, Pak dated American singer-songwriter Joey Mc Intyre in 2000. The couple has been married for five years now and their relationship is going very well.In 2007, she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, revealing that she has struggled with confidence and beauty issues for many years.She mainly spoke about her epicanthal folds, and explained how her family and other Asians believe a double eyelid is crucial to beauty.

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This "after-school job" became Pak's introduction to the entertainment world. While attending the University of California, Berkeley as a political science major, Pak was once again discovered, when the producer of a PBS science show called Newton's Apple saw a tape of her.

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