Updating ms access from a form

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Updating ms access from a form

INSERT INTO statements are commonly referred to as append queries.To add one record to a table, you must use the field list to define which fields to put the data in, and then you must supply the data itself in a value list. For example, the following statement will insert the values "1", "Kelly", and "Jill" into the Customer ID, Last Name, and First Name fields, respectively.

I'm trying to use a form with an update query to update fields in a table, but only if the field in the form has information in it and not to update the fields in the table with nothing from the form. click Edit on your question), I can give you more specific help. The record then gets saved into the database but not the concatenated field though it's a field in the database as well.Forms in Access are like display cases in stores that make it easier to view or get the items that you want. I have desiged a Form wherein I would like to update the field based on some calculation derived from the previous fields. I want to update/write into the table against Tax field the value that was calculated based on the field 'Gross'.Example, Gross * .02, the resulted value will be displayed against Tax field and the same amount need to be updated into the table against Tax field.

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You can build the Insert statement dynamically based upon the fields and values.